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Working With Passionate Entrepreneurs To Build & Grow Purpose-led Businesses

✨ Are you a passionate entrepreneur who believes businesses should not only generate profit, but also prioritise purpose, sustainability, and social impact? If so, you have come to the right place. 😊
Hi 👋, I’m Becky, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, educator, mentor, and consultant 🌟. With a diverse background in science, well-being, art, hospitality, and sustainability, I’ve explored countless ways that businesses can succeed while making a positive impact on the world.
🚀 From starting my own thriving company at the young age of 22 to working with top-notch eco-retreats, social enterprises, and luxury resorts around the world, I’ve seen first-hand how businesses can flourish while making the world a better place.
My journey has taken me all across the globe 🌎 from the UK to HK, from the Maldives and the Philippines to Taiwan, Kenya, and now New Zealand, which I call home. And with a Masters of Sustainable Business under my belt 🎓, I’m equipped with the skills and knowledge to help businesses grow in a way that’s sustainable and purposeful.
So if you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and create something truly meaningful, then I’m here to help. As a consultant and mentor, I’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs build and grow successful, purpose-driven businesses 🌱.
And as someone who’s been in your shoes, I know just what it takes to make it happen 💪!


What an exceptional privilege working alongside Becky in a community, NGO support setting and witnessing Becky's energy, compassion, wisdom, kindness and authenticity. Gold that has the power to change stuff, and goes to the lengths needed to achieve that (the distinction between talking about it and actually doing it; Becky actually DOES it, and with careful thought and exceptional insight). I have been changed, formed and blessed to know Becky, and proud to be a part of her world.
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Jamie Allen
Founder of Taranaki Retreat, Suicide prevention centre
Becky has provided input to us at various points along the way. She has reviewed one of our luxury wellness retreats and has provided ways we could improve our customer experience and our behind-the-scenes operations. Becky has also helped advise us on our sustainability journey, including giving us details about B Corp certification. Becky has great interpersonal skills and is a good listener, which makes it easy to have her work with various departments on your team!
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Debbi Brainerd
Founder of the award winning Headwaters Lodge at Camp Glenorchy
Becky consulted for us and helped set up the operations for our new enviro-tech lodge. She was incredibly versatile, brought a wealth of experience, and dedication to get the job done!
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Vaughan Fergusson
Founder of Vend & Institute of Awesome

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I work with passionate entrepreneurs who want to build businesses that have a purpose beyond profit. I do this through a 6-week sustainable entrepreneurship course called The susMBA
Becky has been a wonderful sounding board in the lead-up to my launch. Touching base every few weeks on everything from brand identity to overcoming imposter syndrome to automation strategies has been hugely valuable. Knowing I will be touching base with Becky every few weeks keeps me moving on progress and priorities. Becky always provides prompts and nudges to encourage authenticity and bold communication in everything I do. I recommend Becky to any impact-driven entrepreneurs looking for accountability and inspiration!
Portia Thompson
Founder of Good Growth



Masters of Sustainable Business

Otago Business School

General Manager
Masters of Sustainable Development

SOAS University (30 credits)

Business Mentor

Business Mentors NZ

Certificate in Coaching & Behavioural Change


Franchise Manager

Four Seasons Resort & Anantara Maldives

BSc Biological Sciences

Exeter University

Co-Founder & Manager

Surf Hong Kong Outdoor Education Center

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